Apr 15 2011

DbUnit talk at PHPSW in Bristol

I had the pleasure of talking to the PHPSW group in Bristol on Wednesday (13/04/2011). Considering it was my first talk, I felt it went quite well. Had some good comments :) and only small amounts of heckling. Overall a really good experience and something I'd definitely like to do again.

The talk was about the PHPUnit database code testing extension, DbUnit. I'm really fond of this extension and it seems to have a lack of decent documentation on the 'net. Ever since Benjamin Eberlei penned a comprehensive tutorial on it, I've been hooked.

Talk slides


Code examples on github

PHPUnit Manual

Benjamin Eberlei's tutorial

Mike Lively's blog

Testing LAMP applications by Sebastian Bergmann

Testing PHP/MySQL Applications with PHPUnit/DbUnit by Sebastian Bergmann

Database Testing with PHPUnit and MySQL by Matthew Turland

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